Move FAQ

Updated questions as of June 2012
  1. Will my loved one be on a unit with others like them?

    Each household will be specific to the needs of the residents being served at the unit.

  2. Can I bring their furniture that they have here like a favorite chair that I brought in when they moved in?

    New furniture is being provided in all rooms, so we are asking families to take all personal furniture home. We request that you try the new furniture and we can assess once the move has taken place whether or not your personal furniture is needed for the comfort of your loved one.

  3. Who is doing the packing?

    We will have our nursing staff and CNA's assisting our professional packing and moving company to take care of our packing needs. If you prefer to pack your loved one's belongings yourself, please contact Janice Glick 978-471-5161

  4. When is the move date?

    Our current planning is that the move will take place on Sunday, September 9th. However, there are multiple critical paths that need to remain on track in order for us to maintain that date. If there are any changes, both this document and other communications will be updated immediately.

  5. When can we see the new facility?

    Family members can make an appointment to see the new facility once we obtain the certificate of occupancy by the city of Peabody. We hope to have this in the first week of August.

  6. When will you have more meetings to discuss the move?

    These are currently being planned for the week of June 25th. A letter is being sent out with more information.

  7. Do I need to bring their television and telephone from their room?

    The new building will have a digital cable system, so many older televisions won't work. New televisions are going to be provided in most rooms, except for special needs rooms. If your loved one's room does not have a television and would like one, we are happy to accommodate your request. A basic telephone will be provided in each room. If you have a special phone such as one for either hearing loss or visual impairment that you currently use, that phone can come with us.

  8. Can I bring their belongings before they move in?

    Yes. We are encouraging families to transport belongings, if they wish, the week before the move. There will be a schedule announced as we get closer to the move date. We are happy to help you coordinate. Please contact Janice Glick at 978-471-5161 for more information.

  9. Will the residents see their room before the actual move?

    Once we get the certificate of occupancy, we will honor these requests on a case by case basis.

Campus Wide Questions
  1. Where will the campus be located?

    Our new address will be 240 Lynnfield Street in Peabody. It is on the site of Aviv's Assisted Living Woodbridge building.

  2. When will the move be taking place?

    We anticipate late August or early September. As it gets closer, we will post bulletins and date changes on our website,, as well as sending out e-mail and postal notices. The Adult Day Health program will most likely move earlier than the skilled nursing units.

  3. Will the residents, clients and/or family members have an opportunity to tour the new site before the transition?

    As soon as we have received an occupancy permit from the city of Peabody, we anticipate being able to host tours for anyone wanting to see the new facility.

  4. In addition to the completion of the construction, what needs to happen prior to opening?

    Once the city of Peabody gives us the occupancy permit, our regulatory agencies will come in to approve the site. Once we have that certification, we can then open our doors.

  5. Will residents or clients of one Aviv program have preference for admission to other programs or services on the campus?

    All current clients and residents at the JRC in Swampscott will be guaranteed space in the new building in Peabody. We can never guarantee availability to any of our other services within the system as there are a limited number of beds, and sometimes we don't have an appropriate bed or service available to meet your individual needs. By having all services on one campus, Aviv Centers for Living can provide coordination of care through the options available on our campus and in the community. Our clinical staff, who have extensive geriatric experience, can assist in finding solutions, helping to provide information and contacts to help you make informed decisions.

  6. My family member has memory loss and I am concerned about the impact on them?

    We will be holding specialized trainings for our staff so they will be well equipped to handle any issues that might impact our participants. During the first several weeks of operation, we plan to have extra staff on hand to ensure a smooth transition for all.

  7. My family member requires kosher food, how will this be handled?

    For those who have chosen Aviv because of our Kosher food, that option will still be available. The campus will have a Kosher Bistro in the new Great Room, where guests and friends from the community will be able to purchase food. In addition, we will be setting aside a number of tables in the Woodbridge building dining room for residents who require Kosher food, and Kosher food from the Bistro will be available for adult day health clients and short-term and long-term patients in the Waldfogel building. Our request to you is that if you or your loved one requires Kosher food, please notify us by July 1 so we can make the appropriate arrangements for food service.

SRADC Questions
  1. What will the new center look like?

    We will have 3 separate activity/dining areas of different sizes to accommodate different types of activity programs that we will be able to run simultaneously. We will have a private nursing office, rest area and shower facilities. In addition, we will have two secure outdoor garden areas.

  2. Will the day center be closed for any period of time during the transition?

    We do not plan on any closed days. Although we do not have the specifics at this time, we anticipate closing in Swampscott on one day and reopening in Peabody the following morning.

  3. Will the same transportation be available?

    Our contracted vendor, Atlantic Ambulance, will continue to provide the same high quality service as before. Although routes may change a bit, we will work closely with our families to ensure that there will be minimal impact.

  4. Will our service area change?

    We will continue to serve all the communities we currently serve. With the new location off some of the major highways, we do anticipate some people from new communities might want to join our Day program.

  5. Will the cost of the program go up?

    There is no cost change associated with the move. We have usually had a cost adjustment at the beginning of each calendar year. We have not had any adjustment since January of 2011.

  6. Will the staff remain the same?

    As far as we know, all of the day center staff will be coming with us to the new building.

  7. Will there still be access to JRC services?

    All the same amenities available now will be available on the new campus. This includes all therapy services, hairdresser, labs, special diets, etc.

  8. What is the size of the new day center?

    The new day center can accommodate 47 clients per day.