Aviv Centers for Living General Contact List

Main Numbers  
Waldfogel Health Center (978) 471-5100
Adult Day Center (978) 471-5100
Assisted Living (978) 532-4411
Private Home Care (978) 854-1860
Toll Free Number (877) 322-2848
Geriatric Care Management (GCM) Toll Free Number (877) 322-2849
Executive Leadership    
Chief Financial Officer Kim Joyce 978-471-5110
Executive Director of Skilled Nursing Jeff Gopen 978-471-5102
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Terry Halliday 978-854-1825
Director Adult Day Center June Davis 978-471-5180
Executive Director of Assisted Living Megin Hemmerling 978-854-1805
Resident Accounts Specialist Angela Bylin 978-471-5112
Information Technology    
IT Manager Christine Aery 978-471-5194
Development, Marketing and Community Relations    
Director of Community and Resident Relations Ellen Gordon 978-471-5109
Human Resources    
Human Resources Specialist Maria Champa 978-471-5105
Human Resources Assistant Tara Muise 978-471-5106
Adult Day Center    
Director Adult Day Center June Davis 978-471-5180
Geriatric Care Management  
Geriatric Care Management 978-471-5153
Director of Resident Life Kim Pierce 978-471-5138
Director of Admissions Sharon Sharland 978-471-5160
Environmental Services    
Environmental Services Director Marcos Stadler 978-471-5151
Director Jean Cicatelli 978-471-5120
Director Nikki Lee 978-471-5165
Therapy Desk 978-471-5166
Social Work/Case Management/GCM    
Director- Aviv/GCM Janice Glick, LICSW 978-471-5161
Aviv Private Home Care Director Jenna Petropoulos 978-854-1864
Aviv Assisted Living    
Marketing Director Marta Sturm 978-854-1812
Food Services Director Zacka Gomes 978-854-5144
Resident Care Director Debbie Fichera 978-854-1820
Director Of Resident Life Debra Shapiro 978-854-1870
Resident Care Manager, Memory Care Dominica Puopolo 978-854-1831
NSJCC Preschool Main Number  
NSJCC Preschool Main Number 978-535-2968
Jewish Historical Society Of The North Shore    
JHSNS 978-471-5178